Installing the Knative Eventing Operator from OperatorHub

Operators offer a method of packaging, deploying, and managing an OpenShift Container Platform application.

As a cluster administrator, you can install the Knative Eventing Operator from the OperatorHub using the OpenShift Container Platform web console. You can then subscribe the Operator to one or more namespaces to make it available on your cluster.

During installation, the user must determine the following initial settings for the Operator:

  • Installation Mode

  • Update Channel

  • Approval strategy

Installation Mode

  • Choose All namespaces on the cluster (default) to have the Operator installed on all namespaces. You can also choose A specific namespace on the cluster, if available, to install the operator in a selected namespace.

Update Channel

  • If an Operator is available through multiple channels, you can choose the channel to where it is subscribed. For example, to deploy from the example channel, select it from the list drop-down list.

Approval Strategy

  • You can choose Automatic or Manual updates. If you choose Automatic updates for an installed Operator, when a new version of that Operator is available, the OLM automatically upgrades the running instance of your Operator.

  • If you select Manual updates, when a newer version of an Operator is available, the OLM creates an update request. As a cluster administrator, you must then manually approve that update request to have the Operator updated to the new version.