Listing available kn func commands

You can view a list of available kn func plugin commands in the terminal.

  • List the available kn func commands:

    $ kn func
    Example output
    Serverless functions
    Create, build and deploy functions in serverless containers for multiple runtimes on Knative
      func [command]
    # Create a node function called "node-sample" and enter the directory
    kn func create myfunc && cd myfunc
    # Build the container image, push it to a registry and deploy it to the connected Knative cluster
    # (replace <registry/user> with something like with an account that have you access to)
    kn func deploy --registry <registry/user>
    # Curl the service with the service URL
    curl $(kn service describe myfunc -o url)
    Available Commands:
      build       Build a function project as a container image
      completion  Generate completion scripts for bash, fish and zsh
      create      Create a function project
      delete      Undeploy a function
      deploy      Deploy a function
      describe    Show details of a function
      help        Help about any command
      list        List functions
      run         Run the function locally
      version     Show the version
      -h, --help      help for func
      -v, --verbose   print verbose logs
    Use "func [command] --help" for more information about a command.